yours against mine (working title)

Maasja Ooms 120

Jouw woord tegen het mijne (working title)
start of production expected in winter 2024

How crazy are you when there are voices in your head that give you orders, and you can’t control them? Should you ignore them and suppress them with pills, or should you take them seriously? Yours against mine (not even a working title) delves into the minds of voice hearers who attempt to genuinely listen to their inner voices, hoping that this radically different approach will provide relief.


Maasja Ooms

Director and camera | Maasja Ooms
Research | Monique Lesterhuis
VFX | Reinier van Brummelen
Sound | Rik Meier & Maasja Ooms
Distribution | Amstelfilm
In coproduction with VPRO