Willemijn Cerutti

Producer of independent creative documentary film and interactive storytelling.

In order to produce the best creative documentaries with high impact, Cerutti Film strives to establish alliances with various partners that support and complement the filmmaker’s point of view and expand its reach.

Willemijn Cerutti completed her bachelor degrees in American Studies and co-founded production company in 1994. She produced documentaries for Dutch public broadcasters AVRO and NTR, as well as studio programs for Dutch commercial networks like RTL4 and RTL5. She left in 2000 and dedicated herself to the executive production of independent, creative documentaries at Zeppers Film & TV in Amsterdam. Over the next 13-year period, Zeppers Film evolved from producing a handful of films per year – such as André Hazes – She Believes In Me, winner of the Joris Ivens Award at the IDFA 1999 – to making over 10 productions per year for TV and cinema.

In 2013 Cerutti Film got off to a flying start. She co-produced two 50-minute films with Dutch public broadcasters Human and VPRO and two youth documentaries for VPRO and NCRV. Her office is in beautiful historic city Haarlem, the Netherlands. Willemijn Cerutti Film added youth documentaries as a genre to her skill set and aims to further develop this. The power of telling true stories in film is undeniably strong in the eyes of Cerutti’s young audience, including her own daughters.

Willemijn oversaw the following productions as exectuive producer at Zeppers:

  • Masha Novikova Zoete rook van het vaderland (90’ IKON, nominatie Gouden Kalf 2012)
  • Simone de Vries Beer is Cheaper than Therapy (90’ VPRO, 2011)
  • Maasja Ooms & Ingrid Wender – Retourtje hiernamaals (50’ IKON, 2011)
  • Simone de Vries Ted Noten (50’ NTR, 2010)
  • Maartje Bakers Dik (50’ NTR, 2010)
  • Simone de Vries De kijk van Kessels (50’ VPRO, 2009)
  • Denise Janzée Mijn moeder, de actrice Willeke van Ammelrooy (50’ NTR, 2008)
  • Saskia Vredeveld Leaving Mandela Park (90’ IKON, in coproductie met Off World, 2007)
  • Astrid Bussink De verloren kolonie (90’ NTR, 2007)
  • Prosper de Roos Calling ET (90’ NTR, 2007)
  • Jos de Putter How Many Roads (90’ IKON, 2006)
  • Merel Beernink Dat het paradijs voor mij zal zijn (50’ IKON, workshop IDFA, 2005)
  • Danielle Kwaaitaal Flo (2005 10’, O&O Filmfonds)
  • (2005, 50’ NTR) Skindeep Jenne Sipman 
  • (2005, 90’ IKON)Mr. Right Dree Andrea 
  • (2004, 50’ NTR, workshop IDFA) Dansmariekes Maartje Bakers 
  • (2004, 50’ NTR, Gouden Kalf voor muziek NFF) Alias Kurban Saïd Jos de Putter
  • (2004, 50’ IKON, 2004) De Betuwelijn Ge hoadt er niks an tege Jenne Sipman 
  • (2003, 50’ IKON) De Patriot Milena Boudinova 
  • (2001, 50′ NTR) Katwijkse Twisten Mart Dominicus
  • (2002, 90’ NTR) The Show Must Go On Hans Heijnen
  • (2002, 90’NTR) Dans Grozny, Dans Jos de Putter 
  • (2002, 50’ NTR, 2e publieksprijs IDFA) Corsokoorts Dorien Janssen
  • (2001, 90’ NTR) Normaal -ik kom altied weer terug Frank van den Engel 
  • (2001, 50’ IKON) Brooklyn Stories Jos de Putter
  • (2000, opdrachtfilm)100 jaar Ajax John Appel