Prix Jeunesse & Unicef Special Prize

5 March 2022

Amazing news for Eef Hilgers short documentary From That Moment On, Everything Changed. Out of 400 children’s programmes, it was selected as a finalist in the competition of Prix Jeunesse International. This festivals is known to be ‘the Oscars’ of childrens television. Therefore, it is quite an honor to have been selected for this festival.

Update: that’s not all! The film is also nominated for PRIX JEUNESSE – UNICEF Special Prize

In 2022, the UNICEF Special Prize will recognize those in the broadcast industry who communicate with, for and about children to help raise awareness of and promote non-acceptance of discrimination and exclusion, facilitate the visibility and voice of marginalized children and adolescents and celebrate diversity and acceptance of those with differences. It will be awarded to the media programme which best raises an awareness of children’s rights issues and most convincingly demonstrates how marginalized children can rise above the challenges they face, become positive agents of change in their communities and fight against discrimination and exclusion.

Congratulations, Eef!