Presentation research IYANTWAY

14 December 2021

HKU lectoraat Performatieve Maakprocessen and Cerutti Film present on Monday 21 November 2016 at 15:00 the result of the research into the experiences of children around absence epilepsy at the KNAW in Amsterdam.

The transmedia project ‘Where are you when you’re not there’ creates a new narrative for the often fearful and misunderstood experience that children have during an absence. Science and art are united in a unique collaboration that will visualise and give voice to the invisible experience. Understanding where these children are when they are not there will not only teach us about them, but also about human consciousness and the theatre of our mind.

Barbara Visser, chairwoman Akademie van Kunsten, welcomes you. ‘Where are you when you’re not there’ is then introduced by initiator Maartje Nevejan. The whole process was filmed, the short film of which is shown for the first time. HKU Lectorate Performative Manufacturing Processes, whose members are involved both as artists and as researchers, talks about the research into the project’s method.

Philosopher Linde van Schuppen gives a short lecture about the gap between phenomenology and neuroscience – two branches of science between which this project deliberately navigates. VR-maker Marieke Nooren considers the possibilities of new technologies for visualising what goes on in the brain. The afternoon concludes with a column by writer Wanda Reisel and a look at the future by producer Willemijn Cerutti.

Admission is free, but we do have a guest list. Please register in advance via the link below, or