Ministry of Security and Justice

14 December 2021

In Procedure was shown today in a private screening to employees of the Ministry of Security and Justice in The Hague as part of V&J changes. The impact of a human portrait of a refugee family as they go through their daily work was extraordinary. There were many questions that showed great involvement, and there was talk of a follow-up screening. Attention was also paid to the success of civic initiatives such as the Dutch Conversation Haarlem and others, and people wanted to know how the government should relate to this.

My tip was not to interfere too much. But now, in the second phase of the initiative, in which the focus has shifted to work, I would like to see support through better contact with municipalities. It is clear that citizens’ initiatives can then be a link between the government and the status holder. And they need to be given room and embraced. A direct appeal to the audience to put me in touch with VNG was immediately translated into action during the drinks party.
By the way, Yomna conducted the entire interview in Dutch, a natural talent. Thank you, Haarlem language buddy Joce Gankema, for the welcome.