The man who looked beyond the horizon

Martijn Blekendaal 15'

‘If you want to build a ship, you should not instruct people to collect wood.’ You should not divide the work and give orders. Teach them first to long for the endless sea.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The man who looked beyond the horizonis a youth documentary about the longing for the impossible. An exciting story about adventure, about searching for and crossing borders. Defying and defying the boundary between what is possible and what seems unimaginable. In contrast to what is common in Dutch youth documentaries, the main character in this film is not a child, but an adult. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you anything else yet.

Youth documentary for Dokument Junior in cooperation with NCRV. With the support of the Media Fund.
The production has been selected by the Impact Academy and will support Barbara Jonckheer in a campaign that will stimulate creative thinking in children.


Martijn Blekendaal


2014 director DE IJZEREN EEUW afl. 3 (45’) VPRO/NTR

2014 director TITAANTJES afl. RODRIQUEZ (25’) VPRO

2014 regie BIKKELS afl. JOB (25’) VPRO

2013 regie, research DE IETSNUT (20’) AVRO [premiere IDFA 2013]

2011 regie, research DE 13E MAN (50′) VPRO/Zeppers Film [premiere IDFA 2011]

2010 regie, research, productie UJIMA (30′) AT5

2011 – oprichter en eigenaar galerie BOEF

2007 – final editing, item direction and research for various programmes NPS/NTR (including Kunststof TV, Vrw Zkt Knst, PREMtime, North Sea Jazz, Avond van de Korte Film, De Kunst, NPS Arena etc.)

Prices and nominations

2014 DE IETSNUT nomination Grosse Klappe for Best Youth Documentary during the DOXS! Duisburg

2014 BIKKELS winner Cinekid Kinderkast award for Best Non-Fiction Television Programme

2013 DE IETSNUT nomination Mediafond prize Kids & Docs 2013 for Best Youth Documentary

2009 DE 13E MAN winner of the Documentary Media Fund Prize 2009

Martijn Blekendaal – director
Pim Hawinkels – camera
Bennie Jansen – sound
Finbar Wilbrink – editor
Vera Born – production
Barbara Jonckheer – impact producer