Semi Divorced

Nina de Vriendt 15'
The parents of Levin (9) are divorced, but Levin does not really understand what that means. Her parents do go on holidays together and visit each other often. Sometimes it seems as if they are still together. With the divorced parents of her friend Hannelore, things are very different: her parents do everything separately. With the summer holidays in prospect, Levin goes out to investigate. She gets help from a drawn wolf. Together they try to find out what exactly is going on between her parents.
Nina de Vriendt

First international festival for documentary SEMI DIVORCED

8 February 2022

JEF Festival is an important youth film festival which screens films in different cities in Belgium. JEF is proud to present films with a unique character. They are a point of contact for youth film policy makers on a national and international level. Semi Divorced is Nina de Vriendt’s youth documentary. The 15-minute documentary follows...

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Director and scenario Nina de Vriendt
camera Hans Bouma
sound Jaap Sijben
editor Joël Hielckert
audio design Joost Oskoamp
colour grading Thomas Vroege
Research Nina de Vriendt
editor in chief eo docs Margit Balogh
editor eo docs Sharona Buijert
production Cerutti Film – Willemijn Cerutti
production Pieter Cerutti, Josephine Houtman, Beau Buurstede
mediamanagement Daan Jansen
advice Martijn Blekendaal