Safiya The Movie

Huibert van Wijk 15'
Safiya is a smart and cheerful 11-year-old girl who loves dancing and acting. Something her father has unfortunately never been a fan of. In any case, father and daughter have a difficult relationship. Safiya's parents split up at a young age and her father used to be in touch with the police a lot and was therefore often absent. Still Safiya tries to build a good relationship with him. Since two years Safiya lives in another house and in a new, combined family. And that takes some getting used to after years of being alone with her mother. But life in her new family also has its advantages; for one of her new sisters turns out to love acting just as much as Safiya! In Safiya: The Movie, Safiya tells her story through the making of her own fiction film. While we follow her in her daily life in documentary scenes, she -aided by her new family members- tells her life story in a number of short fiction scenes. Will Safiya continue to follow her dream of becoming an actress? Or does it mean she has to choose between the different parental figures in her life?
Huibert van Wijk  
Director and scenario Huibert van Wijk
camera Freek Zonderland
sound Leleane Lindenaar
editor Augustine Huijsser
colour grading Laurent Fluttert
Research Jill Mathon
editor in chief eo docs Margit Balogh
editor eo docs Sharona Buijert
production Cerutti Film – Willemijn Cerutti
production Pieter Cerutti, Josephine Houtman, Beau Buurstede
mediamanagement Daan Jansen