Ref! Replacement!

Tim van Gils 15'
Din (12) is the midmid of football club VC Baardwijk from Waalwijk. Three years ago, his parents separated. A period of uncertainty, quarrels, and unrest followed. Din remained silent and did not talk about his feelings. Still not. He never told his parents what this period was like for him. In the film Ref! Replacement! Din will, with the help of director Tim, also a child of divorced parents and a former football player, explain what was going on in his head when his parents divorced. Where the words are missing, the ball takes over. Din is not much of a talker, he prefers to let his feet do the talking.  
Tim van Gils  
Director and scenario Tim van Gils
camera Hans Bouma
sound Daan Ares
editor Joël Hielckert
audio design Jaap Wajer
colour grading Thomas Vroege
Research Nina de Vriendt
editor in chief eo docs Margit Balogh
editor eo docs Sharona Buijert
production Cerutti Film – Willemijn Cerutti
production Pieter Cerutti, Josephine Houtman, Beau Buurstede
mediamanagement Daan Jansen
advice Martijn Blekendaal