My Inner Wolf

Studio Moniker 4'

The website My Inner Wolf creates a repetitive representation of the experience of absence-epilepsy – first into the brain, then back into the world. The playfully animated images, which look like a cheerful cut-and-paste collage, are set to compelling music by Joep Beving and Suzanne Ciani. A man, a woman and a child are sitting at a table. The image slowly zooms in on the child, and then tumbles into the child’s head. There it appears that in the so-called absent brain a lot is still happening.

The absence imagination is fed by the viewers themselves: anyone visiting the site on a mobile phone has the possibility to fill almost every surface of the image with pictures. Each time, specific input is requested: a shiny surface; a vast landscape; your inner wolf.

Roel Wouters en Luna Maurer, Studio Moniker

Roel Wouters en Luna Maurer – directors

Based on the content of: If You Are Not There, Where Are You? (IYANTWAY), a transmediaproject by Maartje Nevejan.