Little Miss Piggy

Ellen Vloet 17'

Brechtje (11) lives on a pig farm. It seems like a wonderful place to grow up, with animals and lots of space. But Brechtje thinks otherwise. The work in the stables is dirty and it smells bad! And she is bored. This is no place for a girl, she says. Brechtje likes to fantasise about a life outside the farm, a life in the big city.

Ellen Vloetstarted working as a documentary researcher after completing her studies in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam. In 2012 she developed a film plan that was selected for Doc25, a new initiative of the public broadcasting company that supports young talent. This documentary portrays the Dutch visual artist Florentijn Hofman and was selected for the Dutch Film Festival in 2013. After that the film travelled to several international film festivals in Asia.

In the same year she developed a film plan within the Kids and Docs workshop of Mediafonds, Cinekid and IDFA, led by Maaik Krijgsman and Mischa Kamp. Her first youth documentary Little Miss Piggy (Of je sausage lust) had its premiere at IDFA 2013 and was selected for competition at the DOXA International Film Festival in Vancouver and the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam, among others.

Ellen Vloet – scenario en director
Aage Hollander – camera
Tim van Peppen – sound
Patrick Minks – editor
Benny Sings – composer
Pita de Leeuw – producer VPRO
Anna van der Staak – editor in chief VPRO
Willemijn Cerutti – producer

The film plan for this production was developed during the IDFA Kids & Docs workshop and was realised with the support of the Mediafonds. In co-production with VPRO.