Sjoerd Niekamp 15'

Johan (12) dreams of discovering the world. He decides to go on camp for the first time: a week of survival in the forest. But during the camp, Johan struggles to find his place in the group. And when night falls, he is overcome by a dark homesickness. Johan has an inner struggle to overcome his fear and become a worthy member of his scouting group.

Sjoerd Niekamp (1990) graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy with Een scout weet de weg (A scout knows the way), winning the KNF press award for best graduation film batch 2013. ‘Niekamp understands the art of striking the right tone and choosing the right moment… An outstandingly lived-in portrait of two friends….’ (jury report). The documentary was also awarded the prize for Best Student Filmat the Dokfest International Film Festival in Munich.

After an internship at Klokhuis and the Weekend School, youth documentary was a logical step. Johan, developed within the Kids & Docs workshop of IDFA, Cinekid and Mediafonds, is his debut and was followed by an episode for Bikkels.

Sjoerd Niekamp – direction & scenario
Dirk-Jan Kerkkamp – camera
Claas Meier – sound
Imre Reutelingsperger – editor
Ella van der Woude – composer
Noah Pepper – voice
Claas Meier& Luuk Hoogstraten – sounddesign & mixage
Coco Schrijber & Marc Bechtold – advice
Wouter Suyderhoud – colourgrading
Annemarie Raaff – post production
Yolande van der Blij – producer NCRV
Jelle Peter de Ruiter – final editor NCRV
Willemijn Cerutti – producer

This film plan was developed within the Kids & Docs workshop of Mediafonds, IDFA and Cinekid. The workshop was led by Coco Schrijber.
This production was realised with support from the Media Fund and produced by Cerutti Film in cooperation with NCRV.