In Procedure

Jiska Rickels 58'

In Procedure tells the story of Hassan, a father who fled to the Netherlands to save his family. Via audio messages, he is in contact with his wife Fadia and his children, including his seriously ill daughter Yomna (15). While Hassan waits for the outcome of his procedure, Yomna asks him desperately when they can join him. Meanwhile, the situation in Syria becomes more and more grim.

In Procedure is in competition for the Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.
The film also played at international festivals such as Doker (Moscow, Russia), Hotdocs (Toronto, Canada), Refugee Festival (Sydney & Melbourne, Australia), the Margaret Mead (NY, USA) and the Syrian Refugee Film Festival in Toronto.

Reviews inDe Filmkrant, in De Volkskrant, online interview by UNHCR, live at the table at De Nieuwe Maan and the announcement of Hotdocs International Film festival.

Impact campaign #backtosociety
The documentary shows the human being behind the hollow word ‘refugee’. Where last year there was still a lot of incomprehension about the flight of all those men alone, without their families, the film shows that Hassan makes a decision that every father will recognise. The film also broadens support for the arrival of the many families who are currently joining their father or son.

After the film, there is a conversation with Jiska Rickels and Yomna, who in fluent Dutch encourages the audience to get in touch with the status holders who have come to live in the neighbourhood, for instance by becoming a language buddy. Simultaneously with the film, status holders create a profile on the Refugee Talent Hub, under the guidance of impact producer Brigitte van Hagen. This is an initiative that links mentors to status holders who are looking for a job and guides them in preparing for a job interview for an existing vacancy. Then it all comes together in the foyer: a meeting between status holders and the public, with Syrian snacks. These match events are always organised together with local refugee initiatives, such as independent language mates or the local department of Refugee Council or the municipality.

In the next phase of the campaign, the film will be shown at companies or organisations that offer work placements and vacancies for status holders. The film inspires staff to also become a buddy or mentor of their future colleague. During the screening, an assessment or guided tour takes place for status holders who are interested in the job.
Would you also like to organise a screening with a match event? Mail

Rickels previously made a 10 min. portrait of the family for the Correspondent, see link.

Before entering the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, Jiska Rickels (1977) performed in several music theater productions. She studied at the Film Academy in Amsterdam and at the Munich Film School in Germany. Her graduation film Untertage (2003) was international acclaimed and won many prestigious awards. After Untertage she worked on her first feature-length documenatry 4 Elements which opened the IDFA in 2006 and has been successfully released in the Benelux.

She worked as the 1st assistant-director of Byambasuren Davaa and Luigi Falorni for the oscar-nominated documentary The story of the weeping kamel (2003) and The two horses of Genghis Khan (2009) that where both shot in Mongolia.

Her film Babaji, an Indian Love Story (2009) won the Regards Neuf award at Vision du Reel in Nyon and has been theatrical released in the Netherlands.

In 2007 Jiska Rickels won the title ‘best director of the year’ by the Dutch Directors Guild. Her latest film El sonido del bandoneon (2011) was the opening film of the Dutch Documentary Competition at IDFA 2011 and won the special jury award in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. From 2003 till 2011 Jiska Rickels was advisor for the Dutch Media Fund in Amsterdam. In 2012 she researched one part of Cathedrals of culture, a 3-D series produced by Neue Road Movies from Wim Wenders.


2015 Hollandse Meesters: Geert-Jan Hobijn
2011 El sonido del Bandoneon (AVRO/ Selfmade Films / 74min)
2008 Babaji, an Indian love story (VPRO / Deepfocus / 75min)
2007 Memory maps Stifo-Sandberg workshop
2006 4 Elements – NTR / Fu Works / 89min
2005 Sevko Interact / 2,5 min
2004 Electriek (NTR Kort! / Motel Films / 9 min)
2004 Himmelfilm (Filmacademie / 17 min)
2003 Untertage – AVRO/ Filmacademie/ 25min)

Jiska Rickels – director
Maartje Gerretsen – executive producer
Jamila Al-taqatqa – language interpreter
Diderik Evers & Victor Horstink – camera
Evelien van der Molen & Gerben Kokmeijer – sound
Tom Bijnen – sound design
Theo Raben & Daan Wierda – editor
Tim Wijbenga – trailer
Tom Bijnen – sound design
Kinan Azmeh & Horst Rickels & Robert Pravda – music

Aage Hollande & Alex Wuijts – additional camera
Dennis Kersten & Diego van Uden – additional geluid
Lealy Abou Elhassan – additionele language interpreter
Jos de Putter – advice

Jelle Peter de Ruiter – editor in chief KRO-NCRV
Yolande van der Blij – producer KRO-NCRV
Leonie van Zanten – producer NCRV
Brigitte van Hagen – impact producer
Willemijn Cerutti – producer

With support of CoBO-fonds and the Dutch Film Fonds.
In Procedureis a production of Cerutti Film in collaboration with KRO-NCRV, 2016.

The outreach campaign is supported by Refugee Work Nederland, Hotel de Koepel, Filmschuur Haarlem, Fundatie van den SantheuvelSobbe, Stichting Hulp na Onderzoek and Stichting Harlem District.