From That Moment On, Everything Changed

Eef Hilgers 15'
What do you do when your life is suddenly turned upside down? In the documentary From That Moment On, Everything Changed, we take eight children back to the moment when their parents told them they were getting divorced. We stop time and look through a magnifying glass at that life-changing moment. In a white studio, the children add colour to all the details they can still remember. Of the tompouces on the table, the behaviour of their parents, the thoughts that came. All the children had the feeling that something was about to happen, but this ... nobody saw coming. For example, Joelle (11 years old) thought that her parents wanted to tell her that they were all going to an amusement park! "A shock went through me," says Imre (12 years old). "I just couldn't move anymore," says Milo (11 years old). The children take you on a rollercoaster ride after those three words from their parents: "We are getting a divorce." How do you deal with all the questions, thoughts and emotions that then rage through your body? And how were these children able to find their way in the end?
Eef Hilgers  

Prix Jeunesse & Unicef Special Prize

5 March 2022

Amazing news for Eef Hilgers short documentary From That Moment On, Everything Changed. Out of 400 children’s programmes, it was selected as a finalist in the competition of Prix Jeunesse International. This festivals is known to be ‘the Oscars’ of childrens television. Therefore, it is quite an honor to have been selected for this festival. Update:...

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Director and scenario Eef hilgers
camera Christian Paulussen
sound Jillis Schriel
editor Joël Hielckert
art Annemiek Swinkels
audio design Jaap Wajer
colour grading Thomas Vroege
Research Jill Mathon, Soraya Pol
editor in chief eo docs Margit Balogh
editor eo docs Sharona Buijert
production Cerutti Film – Willemijn Cerutti
production Pieter Cerutti, Josephine Houtman, Beau Buurstede
mediamanagement Daan Jansen