The invisible man (in production)

Martijn Blekendaal 70'

The Invisible Man is a long youth documentary about children who by necessity have developed the ability to go through life unseen and unnoticed. From misfits who feel unwanted or are simply shy, to outsiders who are hunted down because of their skin colour, origin or religion, but survive thanks to the superpower at their disposal: the ability to be invisible.

A group of homeless children who have to survive on the streets and know exactly how and where to hide. A dear old grandmother, who as a young girl was in hiding and against her will learned to move silently, to talk without making a sound, to make herself so small that you overlook her. A boy who is bullied, who has trouble with his appearance, and who at school and on the street bends his arms to avoid being noticed. A girl without a residence permit, afraid of being deported, skilled in evading the authorities throughout her short life.

The Invisible Man tells the story of a filmmaker who records the stories of their resourceful invisibility in an attempt to bring his own superhero to life. (Spoiler alert: and he succeeds at the end of the film).

The Invisible Man reverses the perspective: in this age of selfies and social media, in which it seems increasingly important to be seen, The Invisible Mandoes not regard the invisibility of these children as a flaw or shortcoming, but as a superhuman strength. No matter how small, inconspicuous or oppressed, they are superheroes.

The Invisible Mantakes the viewer on a playful but exciting journey around the world, right through the history (of film, photography and television), and along the (moral) boundaries of the medium – because how and why would you want to portray what is invisible?

Martijn Blekendaal 

Director: Martijn Blekendaal
Research: Lieve Sonderen
Editor: Finbar Willbrink

Distribution: In the Air
In coproduction with Associate Director | Bram Crols
Scriptcoach: Mischa Kamp

With support of Filmfonds.