Between People.

Maasja Ooms 55'

Married 33 years. 19 sessions of relationship therapy. Producer Maasja Ooms meticulously exposes the sensitivities, assumptions and frustrations of what goes on between two people.

One person wants to be seen by the other and feels rejected, the other is not aware of any wrongdoing, everyone experiences his own reality. But in the therapist’s chair, away from the day-to-day worries, it is the dynamics that stand out. Between contact seeking and rejection, action and reaction; the fiercer the one becomes, the more the other withdraws. Until they no longer reach each other. Recognisable patterns in almost every relationship. Often it takes place under the surface and inside. Now we see it frankly, honestly and sometimes painfully with Ans and Chris.

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Maasja Ooms

Maasja Ooms – direcotr, camera, sound
Liza Kemman – research
Willemijn Cerutti – producer

In coproduction with VPRO.