Maasja Ooms 89'

Alicia is one year old when she is placed out of the home. Via a foster family, she ends up in a children’s home at the age of five, and at the age of nine she is still there, waiting to be placed with a new family. This is when the documentary ALICIA begins.

The film follows the girl’s daily life for three years, close-up, observational footage. Desires and powerlessness of the young, homeless Alicia and the effect of a lack of perspective become palpable. Is the girl in danger of being derailed by hopelessness or are we witnessing an inescapable history repeating itself?

Maasja Ooms directed, filmed and edited ALICIA into a gripping film about a universal theme: our need for love.

Vimeo Alexa, expert.
Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary, IDFA 2017
Maasja Oom is nominated for the DDG Award 2018.
Nominated for the Rockie Award presented annually during the BANFF World Media Festival in Banff, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Alicia played in the competition programme for the Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

Maasja Oomsattended the photo academy and the film academy in the early 1990s. After having worked only as a cinematographer for about 15 years, she developed as an editor. First with documentaries she had filmed herself, later also as an editing coach. Because of her strong content involvement as a cinematographer, films gradually became more collaborative and co-directed.

In 2013 Maasja started an extensive research project in which observations of human behaviour were central; this resulted in two films in which Maasja directed, filmed and edited. Between People (55′, VPRO, 2015) and ALICIA (90′, VPRO, 2017, IDFA Dutch competition).

Maasja Ooms – director, camera & editor
Sander Vos – edit coach & final cut
Rik Meier & Fokke van Saane – sound
Joost Oskamp – sounddesign
Mark Lizier – consult sounddesign
Xandra Terhorst – color grading
Jesper Ankarfeldt – composer
Liza Kemman – research
Vera Born – impact
Margreet Ploegmakers – line producer
Willemijn Cerutti – producer

In coproduction with VPRO. With support of DutchMediafund.