From that moment on, everything changed

Eef Hilgers 15'

What do you do when your life is suddenly turned upside down? In the documentary ‘From that moment on, everything changed’, eight children (7 – 15 years old) bring you back to the moment their parents told them that they were getting divorced. In a white studio, the children add color to all the details they still can remember. For example the pastry on the table, the way their parents moved, the flashes of thoughts and feelings they had. They all had a feeling that something was about to happen, yet they didn’t see it coming.  For example, Joelle (11 years old) who thought her parents were taking her to a theme park instead. “I was shocked”, said Imre (12 years old). “I just couldn’t move anymore”, said Milo (11 years old). In the film the children take you on their rollercoaster of experiences after the four words “we are getting divorced”. How do you deal with all these questions, thoughts and emotions that are running through your head at that moment? And how did these children managed to deal with this?

Best Shortfilm 6-9 jury Kids Award  | 03.23 | Festival Play Lisboa Portugal
HIIFF – Heart International Italian Film Festival | 02. 2023 | Best Screenplay Award
Nominated for Prix Jeunesse International and the Unicef Special Prize 2022  | Munich

Where to see in the Netherlands

Cinekid Festival Amsterdam (première) | 10.2021
Dutch Public Television broadcast at EOdocs | 12.12.21

From that moment on, everything changed (Vanaf dat moment was alles anders) and the seven other youth documentaries within the series “My Parents Are Divorced” can be seen here: Mijn ouders zijn gescheiden –

Where to see at International Film Festivals

Let’s Doc Festival |  Warshaw Poland 09.2023
Festival Play | Lisbon International Children Film Festival  | Jury Junior 6-9 award
Doxs Ruhr Festival | Duisburg Germany | 11.2022

Impact statement

Numerous screenings of the film have taken place in both cinema and classroom settings for  students aged 9 to 12. Following the screenings, the young audiences had the opportunity to engage with a Spoken Word artist. During these sessions, the artist discussed the importance and value of using language to express emotions and personal experiences related to divorce.

Moreover, our collaboration with the Villa Pinedo Foundation marks a pivotal stride forward. By seamlessly integrating the documentary series into a dynamic educational program catering to students, teachers, youth workers, and local authorities, we embark on a transformative journey. These documentaries, rich with authentic narratives, serve as a potent catalyst, igniting conversations that delve into the experiences of children with divorced parents.

The power of these real-life stories lies not just in their emotional resonance, but also in their potential to reshape our society’s understanding of this often-overlooked aspect of family dynamics. By harnessing the films as poignant conversation starters, we aspire to spark a profound shift in how divorced parents and their children are perceived and supported.

In collaboration with Villa Pinedo, we arm our stakeholders with a comprehensive toolkit and a wealth of educational resources. This equips them to facilitate meaningful dialogues and provide invaluable guidance, ultimately empowering these children to navigate the complexities of their circumstances while preserving their innocence. This endeavor isn’t merely about creating awareness—it’s about catalyzing a positive, enduring change in our collective consciousness.

Directors statement Eef Hilgers

Eef Hilgers graduated from the Art Academy St. Joost (Breda, Netherlands) in 2012 with the youth documentary A Girl, You Know, about girls who actively try to shape their identity through YouTube. This was followed by several youth documentaries that focus on the influence of internet and new technologies on teenagers and their behavior, such as My Dearest F#cking Phone (2014) and Shame/Fame (2017), in which Hilgers experiments with methods to bring the online world to life. The film #Bullyingstory received a special mention at the Berlinale 2019. The documentary, consisting entirely of webcam footage and screen grabs from the laptop of the film’s main character Rosalie (13), illustrates the consequences of cyberbullying. She also directed documentary youth series including Bikkels (winner of the BANFF Rockie Award for Children’s Non-Fiction) about children who take care of a sick family member, and Just Kids about children’s rights.

Director of Photography | Christian Paulussen
Edited by | Joël Hielckert
Sound | Jilles Schriel
Art | Annemiek Swinkels
Sound design | Jaap Wajer
Research | Jill Mathon, Soraya Pol
Color grading | Thomas Vroege
Editor EOdocs | Sharona Buijert
Commissioning editor |  Margit Balogh
Impact producer | Vera Born
Production De Coproducent | Josephine Houtman, Beau Buurstede
Producer | Pieter Cerutti
Executive Producer | Willemijn Cerutti

With financial support from Dutch CoBO Fund.
Impactpartner | Villa Pinedo
Sales Agent | Dutch Core

Prix Jeunesse & Unicef Special Prize

5 March 2022

Geweldig nieuws voor Eef Hilgers haar documentaire Vanaf Dat Moment Was Alles Anders. Niet alleen is de film finalist in Prix Jeunesse International film competitie, het is nu ook genomineerd voor de UNICEF Special Prize!Prix Jeunesse staat bekend onder de filmfestivals als ‘de Oscars van de kindertelevisie’. Munich, get ready!

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