The Invisibles

Martijn Blekendaal 70'

‘We had to be patient, I told myself. We had to be patient and endure what came our way. There was no point in running from the pain, we had nowhere to go. And if it got too much for us, we had to be invisible.’

Murat Isik, Be Invisible (2017)


The Invisibles is a full-length youth documentary that explores the lives of children who have been forced to master the art of going unnoticed. The film follows a filmmaker who captures their remarkable stories of inventive invisibility, seeking to bring his own superhero to life.

Among the characters are homeless street children who possess the skills to blend seamlessly into their surroundings, a resilient elderly woman who honed her ability to move silently and remain inconspicuous during wartime, a boy without legal residency fearing deportation, expertly evading authorities throughout his young life.

The Invisibles narrates the filmmaker’s journey as he records these tales of creative invisibility, ultimately realizing his own superhero dream by the film’s conclusion.

The documentary shifts perspective by celebrating the superhuman power of invisibility in an age dominated by selfies and the pursuit of attention. Rather than viewing the invisibility of these children as a flaw, The Invisibles portrays them as true superheroes, regardless of their size, inconspicuousness, or challenging circumstances.

The Invisibles takes viewers on a playful yet exciting journey around the world, exploring the history of film, photography, and television, while delving into the moral boundaries of these media. After all, why reveal something that prefers to remain hidden?

Martijn Blekendaal


Interactive Performance Design: Ruud Lanfermeijer
Creative Technologist: Keez Duyves
Drawings by Gérard Goffaux
Edited by Finbarr Wilbrink, Lykle Tuinstra, Martijn Blekendaal
Director of photography: Pim Hawinkels
Extra Camera: Jean Counet, Rogier Timmermans
Sound: Benny Jansen
Extra Sound: Jillis Schriel, Sander den Broeder
Composer: Sebastiaan Koolhoven
Sound design: Peter Warnier
Research: Lieve Sonderen
Intern: Loekie Schepers
Scriptcoach: Mischa Kamp
Line producer: Julia van Schieveen
Production: Vera Born, Esther van Lune, Janna van de Water
Production Interactive: Wiendelt Hooijer
Post production supervisor: Rosan Boersma
Post Production: Fever Film
VFX: Benuts
Graphic Design: Amira Daoudi

Commissioning editor VPRO: Barbara Truyen, Marije Meerman
Co-producer Belgium: Bram Crols, Mark Daems
Produced by Willemijn Cerutti

A Cerutti Film production in co-production with Associate Directors and VPRO.

with the support from
Dutch Film Fund, Production Incentive, CoBO Fund, NPO Fund, Fonds 21, Tax Shelter, VAF
Distributor: In the Air 

Expected cinema release winter 2024

Distributie: In the Air
Partner: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)

With the support from Dutch Film Fund, Production Incentive, CoBO Fund, NPO Fund and Fonds 21.

Expected release winter 2024