Semi Divorced

Nina de Vriendt 15

Even though Levin’s parents are divorced, they continue to go on holiday together every year. This puzzles her. As the summer holidays approach, she makes a decision to investigate. With her favorite animal, the wolf, by her side, they embark on a quest to understand the concept of divorce. Together, they seek to unravel whether her parents are fully divorced or perhaps only… halfway.

Where to see in the Netherlands

Dutch Public Television broadcast at EOdocs | 12.12.21
Semi Divorced! (Half Gescheiden) and the seven other youth documentaries within the series “My Parents Are Divorced” can be seen here: Mijn ouders zijn gescheiden –

Where to see at International Film Festivals
Kids Kino International Film Festival in Poland | 9.2022
JEF België, selected for competition for Best Short | 3.2022
Cinekid Festival Amsterdam (première) | 10.2021

Directors statement
Nina de Vriendt

I am a child from a broken family situation and growing up was not always easy. I remember feeling I was always standing in between two camps. And because I couldn’t really talk to my parents about it I started drawing and writing stories. Since I was a kid a lot of things have changed and getting divorced is much more normal these days and in that process parents have discovered a whole range of new family constructions. There is the birth nestling construction and the so called ‘bonus’ family. And although parents put in their best efforts to come up with well-meant alternative living situations it can also lead to concussion amongst kids.

When I came across Levin, who has a great imagination and is fond of telling stories I recognized myself as a kid in her. I was struck by her ability to reflect and her talent for drawing. Her parents are divorced but they keep going on holiday together and they visit each other regularly. Talking to Levin I noticed that she didn’t fully understand whether her parents where divorced or not and we decided to find out together by making this film.

Although the situation is in some way confusing for Levin I think it is admirable how well the parents of Levin try to handle the situation. And I think that can also be an example for others. It made me realize that when you get divorced, it doesn’t have to mean that you stop being a family.

Director of Photography | Hans Bouma
Edited by | Joël Hielckert
Sound | Jaap Sijben
Sound design | Joost Oskamp
Research | Nina de Vriendt
Color grading | Thomas Vroege
Editor EOdocs | Sharona Buijert
Commissioning editor |  Margit Balogh
Coach | Martijn Blekendaal
Impact producer | Vera Born
Producer | Pieter Cerutti
Executive Producer | Willemijn Cerutti

With financial support from Dutch CoBO Fund.
Impactpartner | Villa Pinedo
Sales Agent | Dutch Core