Rocó and Noï

Nadia Shah 15

The two friends Roco and Noï (8) have a particularly close friendship. This comes under pressure when Roco’s parents get divorced. She can’t talk about it. Noï knows exactly how it feels to have divorced parents and invents an ultimate solution that counterbalances the great sorrow. They immerse themselves in the colourful imaginary world they create together that gives them both something to hold on to.
Nominated for Best Dutch Short, Cinekid 10.2023

Where to see in the Netherlands

Cinekid Festival 15-29 oktober – Best Dutch Short Live-Action Competition
Dutch Public Television broadcast at EOdocs 23.04.2023

Rocó and Noï and the seven other youth documentaries within the series “My Parents Are Divorced” can be seen here: Mijn ouders zijn gescheiden –

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Impact statement

Numerous screenings of the film have taken place in both cinema and classroom settings for  students aged 9 to 12. Following the screenings, the young audiences had the opportunity to engage with a Spoken Word artist. During these sessions, the artist discussed the importance and value of using language to express emotions and personal experiences related to divorce. 

Moreover, our collaboration with the Villa Pinedo foundation marks a pivotal stride forward. By seamlessly integrating the documentary series into a dynamic educational program catering to students, teachers, youth workers, and local authorities, we embark on a transformative journey. These documentaries, rich with authentic narratives, serve as a potent catalyst, igniting conversations that delve into the experiences of children with divorced parents.

The power of these real-life stories lies not just in their emotional resonance, but also in their potential to reshape our society’s understanding of this often-overlooked aspect of family dynamics. By harnessing the films as poignant conversation starters, we aspire to spark a profound shift in how divorced parents and their children are perceived and supported.

In collaboration with Villa Pinedo, we arm our stakeholders with a comprehensive toolkit and a wealth of educational resources. This equips them to facilitate meaningful dialogues and provide invaluable guidance, ultimately empowering these children to navigate the complexities of their circumstances while preserving their innocence. This endeavor isn’t merely about creating awareness—it’s about catalysing a positive, enduring change in our collective consciousness.

Contact us if you are a teacher and you want more information about a Spoken Word workshop in your class.

Dutch director and filmmaker Nadia Shah is a storyteller at heart, using her background in journalism to create  thought-provoking films that challenge societal norms.

Her acclaimed work has graced international streamers and national primetime television, consistently ranking in the top 10 most watched documentaries of the year.

From exploring the isolating social effects of the COVID pandemic on youngsters, to the inspiring journey of Mohammed, winner of the International Children Peace Prize,  to the powerful work of a 14-year-old girl combating child prostitution in Jakarta, Nadia’s work aims to shine a light on the unheard. With a soulful, fresh and visually engaging approach to storytelling Nadia is on a mission to tell stories that engage, entertain, and create a positive impact.

Roco and Noï (2023, short youth documentary)
Vaccinatie Vetes (2021, short documentary 40 min)
Donnie op de Monnie (2020, Comedyseries Amazone Prime)
The Cocaine Trail (2020, 6-part Documentary Series)

Director of Photography | Jeroen Haakman
Edited by | Gijs Onvlee
Art direction | Mandy Shah
Composer  | Jeroen Dirrix
Sound design | Rufus van Baardwijk
Grading |  Remi Lindenhovius
Art design | Joost van Sandick
Data handling | Niels Koopman
ound | Paul Broers, Mathijs de Koe, Dave Frederking
Commissioning editor |  Margit Balogh
Impact producer | Vera Born
Producer | Pieter Cerutti
Executive Producer | Willemijn Cerutti

With financial support from Dutch CoBO Fund.
Impactpartner | Villa Pinedo
Sales Agent | Dutch Core