The Man Who Looked Beyond The Horizon
Martijn Blekendaal

'If you want to build a ship, do not instruct people to collect timber.  Nor should you divide the labour and give instructions. First, give them a yearning for the endless sea.' Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The man who looked beyond the horizon is a youth documentary about a yearning for the impossible. It is an exciting adventure story about seeking and surpassing boundaries. About challenging and defying boundaries between what is possible and that which seems inconceivable.
In contrast to the customary Dutch youth documentary the main character in this film is not a child but an adult. Even more unusual is the fact that it is not even a living adult but rather the missing (and most likely deceased) young artist Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975). 

In research.

f i l m o g r a f i e 

2014 regie DE IJZEREN EEUW afl. 3 (45’) VPRO/NTR 

2014 regie TITAANTJES afl. RODRIQUEZ (25’) VPRO 

2014 regie BIKKELS afl. JOB (25’) VPRO 

2013 regie, research DE IETSNUT (20’) AVRO [premiere IDFA 2013] 

2011 regie, research DE 13E MAN (50') VPRO/Zeppers Film [premiere IDFA 2011] 

2010 regie, research, productie UJIMA (30') AT5 


2011- oprichter en eigenaar galerie BOEF 

2007- eindredactie, itemregie en research diverse programma’s NPS/NTR (o.m. Kunststof TV, Vrw Zkt Knst, PREMtime, North Sea Jazz, Avond van de Korte Film, De Kunst, NPS Arena etc.) 

p r i j z e n & n o m i n a t i e s 

2014 DE IETSNUT nominatie Grosse Klappe voor Beste Jeugddocumentaire tijdens de DOXS! Duisburg. 

2014 BIKKELS winnaar Cinekid Kinderkast prijs voor Beste Non-Fictie Televisie Programma 

2013 DE IETSNUT nominatie Mediafondsprijs Kids & Docs 2013 voor Beste Jeugddocumentaire 

2009 DE 13E MAN winnaar Mediafondsprijs Documentaire 2009

Real Young Inititiative

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon has won the pitch at the International Financing Forum for Kids Content in Malmö, Zweden. The young experts said: 'we find it atractive becáuse the film doesn't

portray a child, therefor it is not childish'.  

The initiative, in co-operation with EDN and IDFA, aims to build a better international ground for the creative youth documentary genre.